29 May 2012


This week IF entry topic - Faded.......... Do you know what is it like when your memories is slowly fading away?

My father is a Dementia patient, he is slowly losing memory, he cannot remembered much.
Most of the precious memory is slowly fading away..
Fortunetly he is a happy goes lucky person, he didn't make it looks so fear and unbearable, we treasure his presents and make the best of it..
Thanks father, you will be ok..

28 May 2012

Relax at home..

Took a day off, thinking to do thing I wanna do without the boy, visit father or go visit hubby at work..
but poor little boy is sick, strep throat... so, stay home, eat, cook, relax, draw.. Sheep Baa Baa.. my favorites...

another year gone by

 hmm.. same concept...


13 May 2012

九五个理由愛媽媽 -Mother's day gift-2012

 今天是Mother's Day,我為大小少爺還準備"猪仔包",母親是一 份天職。我挺Enjoy..


08 May 2012

Baking - Tea Biscuit. and sweet corn

 Bought some ready make Tea Biscuit ingredient in Winners a while back, I bake it at home couple weeks ago, it's so easy, just add milk, I added some peaches, then pour the battle into mini cup cake size and bake.....
not too bad, but I think there's lot of room for taste improvement.. for myself.
tea break time..
Sweet Corn season is approaching, yum... lots of fiber and best of all - so tender and tasty..

Super Moon Snap shoot

Super moon - May 5th - 2012 - looking at my bedroom window..

07 May 2012

my color mood is PINK

Pink is for Happy, loves and joy.. I would marry my husband again if there's next life, coz he is the world greatest man.. thanks for being patient, great tolerance, loving and giving...

06 May 2012

Black n White Photoshop

Black n White Photoshop..
無聊星期天,躲在家中工作室 。。。。

Quite Sunday, 仔仔跟大姐二姐去Rock Show exhibition 看Mineral n Rocks,大姐說仔仔很乖,見到他看上喜欢的Rock,所以大姐她给了仔仔三十現金去買,只跟仔仔說這是送他的生日利錢,仔仔反问大姐:"姨媽,妳帶了多少钱来加拿大呀?
大姐回答: 不是很多,不过這是早準備送你的和加這一張卡。


莫名其妙的我,什麼也不想,什麼也聽不進!也不看,只是blind out n 死牛一边!