11 April 2006

Part of Twinsmom's adventure in Chicken recipe

Chicken (twinsmom's recipe)

Twinsmom post this recipe last week. Looks so nice, and since I have chicken drumstick in the fridge, I've make this for last Monday night Dinner.

The drumstick is too thick, so I pound my meat and then wrap in cook carrot too. (so that my father can eat it when it got softern.) I marinated the meat with Worcetershire sauce, since we all like BBQ flavour, I also add in Teriyaki sauce to marinate the meat.

It turn out good, except I roast it too long, a little bit over cook.
But there have a lot of juice from the meat and I pour out the sauce to cook until the sauce is reduced then pour on the chicken, Hubby like it very much. Last, I sprinkle lots of green onions because we love green onion..(weird?? )

For this recipe click here- Cook Blog

(Thanks Twinsmom ar... Very easy to make, I am making this again this weekend.)


Zara's Mama said...

wow.. looks good too.. I'm lazy to use the oven to cook.. b'cos if I do, it'll be cooking.. if not, my maid is the one cooking (she doesn't know how to use the oven, so all oven-cooking is done by me)

Jesslyn said...

yeah, a simple dish too...
ok, me will try out this weekend!

irene said...

if want to wrap spring onion and carrot, then need to cut the drumstick lor, if not, can;t warp it rite?

and we can get this sauce from shopping centre? if me, i will marinate with honey,soya sauce, and some sugar...coz dont know can get this sauce or not.

Twinsmom said...

your one looks more rich than mine leh :D.

going to try it again after my flu recovered, but will use chicken breast instead, want to see how it the result.

1+2mom said...

Look very nice ler :) but my MIL said most of our family dun like it wor so she dunwan cook :( (we eat very less meat, 1 chicken we just can finish 1/4 only).

Blogie-Talkie said...

Zara's mama
Train her couple of time, she will capable to operate the oven. GOt Maid! Nice, can do less house work. When I visit KL 6 years ago, all my friends bring 1 to 2 maid with them during the gathering party,,, all Malaysian Kaya ah,

Did you try it?? How was it??

if you click on the cook blog, you will see the whole recipe.
Yes, you can get this sauce in Anystore, Lee and Perins brand. I use Japanese Worcestershire sauce.

Maybe because I marinate my meat with Teriyaki sauce. How is your chicken breast turn out?? Will chicken breast may a bit dry after roasting?

1+2 mom
Use maybe 3 to 4 drumstick lor. then cut half, it's not too much mah.( My husband can eat up to 4 drumsticks..)