14 May 2008

15/21 days exercise.

When I draw this, I have hard time to think how to draw the bike properly, where to put the pedal, how much body length .. .. It look ok in sketch without detail on the bike, but when come to color, will be a challenge..
Below is my boy art-work. Fish Tank..
He still do the 21 days exercise, but this week, he got lot of school work and review to do, so, he is tired sitting down too long..I also drew this illo today (previous post posted full illo) after reading , hearing news everywhere since Tuesday, our prayer goes to the Country..



lil kim said...

I love your sketches! they are wonderful. The fish tank is fantastic too :)

Itziar San Vicente said...

Hi May!
I love your bike! It´s great. I can´t wait to see it in coulour!

Alicia Padrón said...

OMG this is beautiful!!! Mayy I really adore the illo of the girl on the bike!

And the fish tank of your boy is very cute too :o)

Monica said...

Mayy, you have been really productive! Your sketches are lovely, and this one is no exception. Your little girl is so cute, and her pose and expression is perfect.

For the bike, you may want to look at some pictures for reference, it will definitely help.

Your son's fish tank is lovely, with cute jumping fish!

I do pray for everyone in China and Myamar, these have been very difficult and sad days around the world...

Cindy DiBlasi said...

May you are amazing! You have done so much work in the past couple of days. And your son's art is progressing nicely as well! Very cute illustration. :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the girl on the bike. Bikes are challenging but she looks like she is riding the bike - her leg positions look great. She is coasting (when you stop pedaling because you are going fast enough)!

sheree said...

love the girl on the bike! can't wait to see it in color :)

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you Lit, Alicia, Monica, Gina, Sheree.

Welcome, and Thank you!

Thanks for the tips, I have to hard to improve my dimension when come to object like this..

Cindy, thanks for your lovely comments and sure my boy will be happy!

Thank you all!

pati @-;-- said...

I love your illos... but I die for your sketches :)