03 May 2008

IF - SEED Day 8/21 exercise

This week IF entry.. SEED.

I enter my day 8/21 illustration to this week IF theme,but I spent more than 15 minutes (obviously)..... :) read here, here for detail, come join us if you're interested.
Enjoy My ART speak My Heart blogstop!



parisa mahmoudi said...

Nice illustration!
Nice song! ;)

Monica said...

This is wonderful, Mayy. I love the patchwork elephant and the mice on top of the umbrella. Such a happy, happy illustration!

Joan Y said...

The instant I see your work, I smile. Each and every time! You have such a happy style. I love the patchwork elephant!

Bobo Cat said...

This is a creative one, nice done, May.

Diana Evans said...

wonderful work ...love the patchwork elephant...so sweet!

ngeecap said...

love the patchwork elephant... your illustration makes me smile... great work!

Faruffa said...

This new sowing technique is fabulous ... I love the patchwork elephant!!!

Paola said...

How can it be cutest?

I'd love a soft toy of Ele :)

Paola said...

oops! I almost forget it again, you asked me some days ago,what kind of paper I was using, it's colored Fabriano and I think its weight is around 180 grs. It comes in wonderful colors that make work easier. Thanks for your nice words!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! I like the patchwork elephant very much.

rizal said...

Beautiful great work May.. Like the concept.. Like how the elephant is wrapped with patches of textiles - colourful indeed..

"ehh lupa..yer selamat datang ke blog saya juga. Saya sudah "link" dengan May.

Tentang 15-minute-exercise.. saya suka juga..mungkin saya akan join.. menarik idea tuu.."

heppi blogging and have a great day ahead =)

Siukwan said...

Hi 五月媽媽, the patchwork elephant looks so COOL!

Besides, what's the background musics in your blog? It's really so relaxing even I wanna dance!!! (∩_____∩)

tusen said...

Nice. I especially like the idea of a patchwork elephant.

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments, definitely feed my blog happily.

Terima kasih dan Sama-sama, you too one great artist.
Bila you join the club, jangan lupa drop a line bagi Alicia Patron dan Gina Perry tauhu, better strong net-works lah. Jumpa lagi!

Thanks for the information, needed to know so I may practice get it and play with it, Great, thanks!

Welcome and Thank you.
The song play here call Ce Petit Coeur by Spanish Singer, sorry I don't have the name, I am so glad you love this song too. Enjoy!