10 May 2008

To my niece's 賀JC生日 Day 12/21

May11th. is a Mother's Day! It's also my dear niece's JC birthday, I drew this card to wish her a very Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns! JC, have fun and don't forget to show your love to your dear parent.Love from all of us in Canada.
(This illo also for today exercise)JC ,小阿姨為妳畫的祝賀卡,我和每一位家人一起祝妳生日快樂、身體健康平安、青春永遠跟隨妳!(P/S: 可別忘給父母親尤其媽咪一個大Hug和道謝哦!)



墮天使-祥 said...


Paola said...

So sweet!
Have a Happy Mother's Day :)

Monica said...

What adorable sheep! I also love the sketch you did for mother's day, lovely line work on that one.

Happy Mother's Day, Mayy!

Mrs.Cheng said...

happy monther's day.
have a nice day.


Mrs.Cheng said...
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Faruffa said...

I love this illo, and all the different texture you have created!

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you all, this is so nice, the comments really feed my blog with cheers and motivation!

Mrs Cheng,
thanks for the kind words,so sweet! I too wish I get sponsor to publish my work..