26 May 2008

Continue my exercise

I drew this 2 weeks ago. When I was shopping with my father, I saw 3 Hutterite girls were standing on the side walk waiting for their ride, I quickly drew a rough sketch, I love their outlooks, all the girls were wearing same pokka dots head bands and different pattern skirt with apron.
You all know I love working with pattern.
I outline in PSD, then I duplicates it and finished (above illo) with different style and patterns!Thanks for the beautiful comments and encouraging messages, I really enjoy doing the exercise along with all the talented illustrators, I've gain a lots of confidence and joy with the exercise. Thanks you all!Today is Monday... 2 more days to go for a special day....
My sketched - My niece's and my mom and her 2 weirdo Geese pets. Will tell more later once I finish it!



irenelim said...

hei, u really have a good work! really nice. what a talent u r。。

Wonderful Life said...

Wow! Nice work! Very artistic and talented!

crystal driedger said...

Wow I love those ladies up there. elegant and sweet!

princesstomato said...

the design of the hutterite girls is really nice. love the composition and patterns! and these geese are terrific, too! i am laughing that you called them "weirdo" geese. hehehe