16 May 2008

Day 16 exercise - New Inspiration.

When my boy draw something, it will be the same theme for few days, this time he drew fishes in fish tank for days...!!
Today, when I scan and open his drawing ready to post, I look and look, again fish tank!!?!! Suddenly! Ting!Ting!! I thought why don't I color it? With his innocent and pure simplicity drawings and with my maturity (not old) and knowledge in digital painting , what a combination! So I paint this in Photoshop, I keep it as simple as possible (finished in 20 minutes), and try to paint what in my son eyes of world.. It's a goldfish tank with one tadpole. Below is his original drawing.Below is my work for today, from sketch to color all in Photoshop.
It's about my boy Moods, he is so happy it's a long long weekend start today! Like my husband always says to him, "When there's school, we learn hard, when there's no school, we play hard! And there he go..Enjoy!



Tom Barrett said...

What a cool idea, coloring your son's art. Neat way to find inspiration, too!

No school for 4 days...wow! I wish I had no work for 4 day! :D

Nice fairy and girl on the bike fro previous posts!

RyanLoghry said...

haha... very cool May! I like the fish, and the sheep too. I love those swirlies for the wool pattern.

Lisa M Griffin said...

I love this idea... what a beautiful collaboration between mother and son. Thanks for sharing.

Paola said...

Wow May! this team work is great:)
I am trying to update and enjoy all your previous posts...girl you have worked very hard and everything is so delightful!

Alicia Padrón said...

I love this Mayy! What a wonderful idea.. and it came out soo beautiful. Your work is so lovely :o)