24 May 2008

Day 20 exercise

Below illustration were drew in my Facebook graffiti wall today. Two entry for latest Graffiti topics.
BeesStick man.

Do you draw on your Facebook graffiti wall?

The tool is very limited in Facebook Graffiti Wall, yet there are so many fantastic drawings done by greatest Facebook artist with just simple way to draw. I have trouble in the beginning, where I got so use to Photoshop, like layers, color selection, brushes, pattern and many many more to help me draw to compare with Facebook graffiti program.
The Graffiti wall have only one type of brush, can be resize different point size, some colors selection and adjust opacity, that's all the tool to draw!
However, I slowly got use to it as it's like going back the old way of drawing, I really enjoy it, because it's more challenging!



RyanLoghry said...

Wow, I like both of those May, but I think I like Bees the best. So colorful!! Great job.

Monica said...

I agree, I also like them both, the colors and the patterns are beautiful. My favorite is also "bees", that's such a happy, bright illustration! Fantastic job using a tool you're not familiar with!

Diana Evans said...

oh how sweet...I love your bees...they are so cute....I love drawing on everyone's graffiti walls....what fun...

pati @-;-- said...

Ohhh Mayy, you are about to finish! :O

Eugenia Gina said...

may, saya suka grafiti yang kedua :D! wah sebentar lagi selesai, saya baru sampai hari ke 15 hihi! salaaam dari indonesia.. :D

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thank you Ryan, Monica, Diana.
Yer, I like the Bees too, I put more work on it especially those flowers curve on the fence!

yer, but there will be no end to this exercise! Thanks for visiting!

Sangat gembila anda datang ke saya punya blog, harap maaf, I harap I lagi remember bahasa Malaysia, sangat lama tak ada guna, cakap, banyat words sudah lupa!
Saya pun sangat suka you punya illustration!
Jumpa lagi!