21 May 2008

Day 18 exercise part 1

Day 18...
I open Photoshop, thinking to create more personal pattern, end up created this artwork !
No title yet.. any suggestion?
While in the process to make the pattern, I suddenly convert the half done work into 4 seasons artwork, but before I finished it, I added the birdy, now about Love !!?? Just me, with no glue , no rule, no direction, no vision, no fix mind......... but I do have fun, about 30 minutes fun!



墮天使-祥 said...

I like it.

Title could be "Bird Mind".

Monica said...

I do love the bird, the pattern and the design. Maybe "Bird board", but I'm usually not good at naming artwork. :-)

Diana Evans said...

what a neat piece May....I will think about the title...wonderful to be able to visit here again!!!