03 April 2006

Weekend - my turn- my boy naughty naughty

Husband make us Brunch.. Soya mee with left over ribs and veggie
Going to Public Library
Return books
Play some computer games
Read some books
Self Check out some books to take home.
Climb rocks before heading to Superstore for grocery..Came home, make dinner. Little boy whning after woke up for an hour nap...
Refuse to have dinner, Daddy offer to feed him, he wants his way...bra bra... Daddy very mad and warn him, if he don't cooperate, his toy will be in the garbage bag! (Train overselve not hitting him. I have bad experience about spanking him, now, I am trying to remember not to repeat it, but someday just drive us crazy... ok...Deep breath,, hold and breath...冷靜D!冷靜D!)

He ask for mummy( I stay away when husband lecturing him, or else we may have conflict), he keep saying he's sorry me whice he suppose to sorry to his dad.. For some reason, my son just scare to see me angry... but not his dad. 好!為有Rotan處理啦!( this moment mummy me thought of Auntie Marial blogs, talk about dealing with kids,,, Shiaulin commeted when they are driving you nuts, no negotiation, rotan the only way out...) 咁就用Rotan懲罰啦!but no rotan available in Canada, didn't have one, 咁就用手啦!

唉! 嘟係冷靜D! 冷靜D! I came in and I have to back up hubby, (but it hurt to see him crying) I told him, "we all angry and on fire,, no point talking, we cannot hear each other", 火山要爆發. He kept saying sorry not so willingly 火上加油, I told him I want him to show me how he sorry, or else some toy will end up in the garbage bag.(start this method for sometimes now, he very sayang his toy, don't wanna to sacrify them.) He stop and cooperate with his dad on the dinner table. I went off and finished what I was doing, but still angry激氣又激心! 行開下冷靜吓!
In 10 minutes, I heard them singing and cheering... then they came in and told me he finished his meal, can he play and on and on,, Daddy all smilling, think his mission accomplished, 和氣生財!

You see, just not worth it! 為乜哩? Kids don't remember... don't understand the emotion that's involved.真激死冇佢符!嘟好彩冇放哂D氧气落去, 如果唔係咁、短幾年命都会架!..... so carry on my routine. What else, start blogging 囉!


Twinsmom said...

ai yoh... what is wrong with me, this suppose to be a angry, 激气post right, why you write it in the way that I feel so funny, and keep laughing?

Zara's Mama said...

What is play bra bra?

I think men and kids alike, they are short fuse.. fast to get angry, fast to cool down, fast to forget..

We all women take sometime to build up, then sometime to cool down.

Zara's Mama said...

read your 激气post, until I forgot to comment you guys so lucky, such a nice library you have.. envious!

Blogie-Talkie said...


Library here is very good source for seniour,kids,parent, student and adult to spend their quiet time or a place to study.. There are many program held, i just didn't make full use of it.lasy...

1+2mom said...

Very nice library you have there, can keep the kids buzy.
Sometime when i mad or 1+2dad mad we take turn to cool down, so no need use cane or hand. My son very scare my hubby, when he shout my son will very coorperate with me or him.

Jesslyn said...

My Wien also very scare I angry, even though I scold her, she still cry beside me & hoping me to sayang her.
last sunday I let her cry (she naughty)almost 15min, without sayang her(the longest record I ever keep so far! After that she seem behave a bit.
yeah, kids very forgetful wan, after a while, back to normal liao, no point we angry for them hor!

shiaulin said...



Blogie-Talkie said...

Library over here is nice, there are bigger(3 floors) library in different community. you can make received a hold thru your computer internet, they will call you when it arrived whever you want to pick it up. Like I told Zara's mom, many programs held by public library, but I am lazy not make use of it.

小路仔日日新鲜啲challenge 我吔、真係少的氣都唔的‧大家努力吧!


Egghead said...

生气过多真的会短命几年的... 原谅他吧 :P

kwloong said...

The library is so spacious! I wish they have 1 here.


Tracy said...

Do agree with u dat kids will forget easily and will be up to their usual mischievous self again. But sometimes when u want them to forget, they'll remember. For e.g. if I promise to buy something for my kid on the way to work and hopefully she'll forget when I get back but SHE STILL REMEMBER leh. Upon reaching the door, she'll be asking me oredi ... haiya ...

Wooo, nice library over there. I do bring my girl to the library for children here in KL too and she enjoys staying there and refuse to budge when it's time to go.

Allyfeel said...

Wow...the library is very nice. :P
Aiks, I dun really be so furious anymore if my son don't eat. Don't want to 激氣 like what you said. :)

Blogie-Talkie said...

I have, I don't hold my anger after that. Everyday is challenged, I just need to keep reminding myself to be depromatic when come to challlenge like this, but it take a lot of 气呀!

ya, library here is nice. each community have one close to their place too. Give it some time, I am sure Malaysia will have facility like this for public in future.

Ya, kid really a challenge to our life, but I know no parent will give up on trying to bring up their own kids.
Glad to hear your kids love library, Library over here have many programe, alway encourage start reading at young age.

I may have to do the same lah, take hours hours for my son to eat.
Right now, my son still on the dining chair eating his lunch for the last 2 hours.