18 April 2006

Easter Long weekend_Friday Apr 14

This week is Easter Long weekend.

Hubby took one more day off on Monday, that's make it a longer weekend for us.
My sister's Elaine went to China for 2 weeks, so we are babysitting her fish.....

Every weekend, Hubby is responsible to prepare Breakfast, (the only thing he knows how to cook)

The Rest of the afternoon.
We went to IKEA. Spent half a day there, bought few things, a reading light and light buld. didn't want to spent much but sure a good place for family to hang around.
Line up to sign in Brayden to Smiland in IKEA, so we can shop! he can play!they gave us a pager in case of emergency (so thoughtful, never seen this setup before) or time out ( all kids allow to play for an hour).
He just went in for less than 10 minutes, the pages is varibrating,,, calling us.. I was so panic, thinking he may got hurt or something wrong............Hubby calm me down and since he is pushing the stroller. I went and I ran like crazy, the shop is big, can't seem to find a closer exit to play house... luckily a sale girl directed me............
Oh, he's fine, he just want to leave and join us.
So, we took him playing
at kids beds, toys section and to choose a bed later when he sleep alone .

We all had fun, a good place where you don't need to spend too much on entertainment.

Can't stop thinking about SCB... Hope she is awake.. Let's pray for her.


Twinsmom said...

emm... Ikea definately a nice place to shop...window shop hahaha...

Egghead said...

very tiring ler walking the entire IKEA... but after that can eat there :)

leecs said...

hmmmm i bought a 'moon' for my son..now he has star n moon in the room already...
as i promised him for sometime liao...so whenever you asked him "we go ikea this weekend ok?"
Xuan will answer "go ikea buy moon"


Ah Pek said...

we are doing a recording to wake up SCB. for details go:

shiaulin said...

never try to let my Xuan play at Smiland IKEA leh, cos he is afraid of stranger so we dont think he can stay there alone. However, we also uhm-fong-sam to leave him there lidat loh.

Blogie-Talkie said...

Hi all,
Ya, Ikea sure a fun place for visit.