07 April 2006

Daddy and ME 我和爸爸行街街.

Take a walk with Daddy in ChinaTown.

前幾日仔仔玩電腦時 *adopt a pets game,突然间仔仔问爸爸

仔仔: 爸爸,不如今次您選要乜嘢鱼放入魚罁倒? Adopt a pet lor.俾你選啦!

爸爸: 我選?

仔仔: 係呀!齊齊玩呀!今次您選啦!

爸爸: 咁我要六隻八爪魚加六隻海馬啦!

仔仔: 吓! 咁多隻魚?咁个魚罁咪滿哂!唔得呀,每样一隻咋!

爸爸: 吓!咁有話俾我選?




Jesslyn said...

haha...he is so cute! they still prefer their own selection lar, Wien also like that, ask us choose, end up use her choose!

Zara's Mama said...

Haha... still too young to be democratic la..

Btw, he's very good in posing huh? Always smile until 见牙吾见眼 at the camera.

Blogie-Talkie said...

kids ha..macam macam

Zara's mama

Anyway, he sometime hate me photograph him,
He said: mum, put down your camera, no pictures!"
But most time he willing to say "CHEESE" when I take photos.
Also, I let him use my digital to take photos, when he can be a photgrapher same time he is happy to be a model too.