07 April 2006

Matching Blocks game

Family game
This is a game Brayden's love to play..
Being the only child at home, he is very lonely, he always wants us to play with him, this is one game he love to play with us.

Let's begins......................

When he first start playing games, he hate losing.
We do not want this habbit to carry on, we just have to start winning him and train him is't OK to loose a game, just try harder next time. If he gets angry with us, we will not play with him keep on explaining to him until he understand.
Took sometimes for him to understand. Nowaday he just want to play until he wins. so far he petty good at this game. (He give me tips when we are playing..)

"mummy, flip this one, piggy over here" He sometime give me hint which to open (not selfish at all, all kids are so genuine)
"Think carefully, last few pieces will decide who will win."
"At last I am the winner"


Jesslyn said...

yeah, we have this game too but ours is in card form! Wien like it too!

MamaBoK said...

My chloe is not as competitive.. i wished she is though.. ;)
I guess Brayden is just really smart eh..??

kwloong said...

hahaha...shows mummy's memory not so good. Need some brainy soup. If Tim plays, he will sure turn over all the cards/blocks and match them.


Zara's Mama said...

Memory game!!

This is very good in building their memories!

Twinsmom said...

I will feel lucky if my girls can help me remember where I put the remote control :(.

I have three set of this card game, but... the last try I pick up the piece like "siao" woman, so I never let them play anymore, bad mommy.

Blogie-Talkie said...

your Wein too ya

Oh No, when Brayden start playing this game, just like What Kwloong said about Tim, it took quite a while for him to be displine and obey the rule of game.. My husbby spent a lot of time with him on this game.

zara's mama
yeh, Brayden quite forgetfull, hope this will help him lor.

Apalah Lu,, mana boleh macam ini,
Why you buy them the first place?
Siao women.
(為妳女女打包不平、快快放低卡卡! 爭取為卡卡爭取自由!) just Kidding lah! you know best what is best.