01 April 2006

Paints container...(temporary solution)

Since I cannot find the paint containers, meantime, I just use paper cups. but it dry so quicky and it hard to keep a runny paint . Cleaning up is a pain. (Not practical lah.. One lazy mom wants to find a permanent solution.)

However, I though of getting some jars or whatever I will find temporary (temporary that last), I went to second hand store to see what can I find.

In Canada, there are many second hand stores. This business is actually a place where all profits goes to many charity. Helping many charity to raise funs.

I went to this store named Value Village, there are many goodies in the store, from clothing, household, books to children toys. Some stuffs still brand new in good condition, of course there's some not so good condition. (very cheap from few cents and up, some item values is depend on the item conditions or name brands) All stuffs are donated by anybody who wants to get rid of their junk or just to donate for charity. Also when some company bankrupt, the mechadise will also donated here too. (This place like a big Garage sale, I talked to my oldest sister once about start a store like this in Malaysia, she said no Malaysian will Buang(give away) their stuffs or may have resistant buying used stuffs.. How can you stock up if no donation?? (I see many foreigner especially young Japanese people shops here)

I found this few items, A triple Tupperware Containers with handle, some spice jags(all has cover or lids, very important) and another white tray too(no idea what it was, but it's good for painting use). All would be good for my boy to pour out the paint and use it anytime he wants, most important is easy clean up, just close the lid and put aside. I know I should have take either one of them, since the price is cheap, (all these cost less than 5 dollars ) I bought all of them ,when the price is so cheap, I thought, hey, I can use it when I get more color paints(Is this an excuse or what..??)

But, I am still looking for the paints container... Help me if you know. Thank you.


1+2mom said...

Those things still look so new and the paint container we didnt see b4..hehe maybe i'm the one not like painting so much.

Twinsmom said...

yup, Malaysian very kaya wan, never want to use used stuff, especially Chinese *shake head*, if open something like this in Malaysia, I think you will only have one loyal customer, that's me LOL.....

Jesslyn said...

second hand shop only can attract foreign worker (bangla, nepal, indian..etc) to buy, surely no Malaysian will enter wan...funny hor!

Blogie-Talkie said...

if you see one, you may want to get it, it's good to hold paints for your kids to paint later..

One customer, good to go..others may change their mind when they see so many goodies..I think this business not just helping charity, help out some others who can't affort to spend much. 還有我認為是正確的環保觀念.

I guess foreigner worker need to spend wisely on their money, the reason they work on foreign country is because they own country have lack of work or income is very low. With bigfamily to feed, they have to be jitmat-cermat.
Actually if you all have time come and see, you see some petty good goodies here.

Zara's Mama said...

Smart choice! Recycle!