24 April 2006

This weekend, we did...

Weekend this and that
In sunny and beautiful Sunday afternoon,
We went for Vietnamese food ...My oldest sister MayPing love Vietnamese food, she said it's light and simple. When she visit us every year here, she must have Vietnamese food especially the Rice wrapper seafood spring rolls, also my favourite. (I will make this rolls one day and will post it up.)

I ordered Vietnamese Satay noodle soup, it taste very much llike Laksa, except the spicyness is less, the soup base is quite stronger in peanut butter flavour.
I also ordered a glass of Vietnamese Drips coffee, so similar like French coffee. It taste like Malaysian Kopi "O" (milk coffee) but this is much stronger flavour, like espresso.Hubby had some Rice noodle with shrimp cake and spring rolls, the Fish sauce is set aside to pour in when you eat.
Brayden always loves the BBQ deep fried Quail for his meal.

We then went to the nearest Mall, Deerfoot Mall is having some side walk sale.
I saw a cute bike remind a bike I use to pedal in Malaysia. (except mine is rusted and black bike.)After that, as usual, to Library and then went to a different park close to our community.
This one here is in Panorama Hills.Borrowed about 30 books from Libary,,, so many books, so little time, at least we have a month to keep the books. OK lah.
(Actually most books are for my son‧Mine mostly Magazines , computer books and 散文書, My husband one is 打Ping Pong参考書‧最近佢喜歡打Ping pong 起來‧)


Egghead said...

made me so hungry lah... luckily is near lunch hour liao :P

Blogie-Talkie said...

oh mine,
Egghead, you sure early..
tak ada work kah, Manager??

Zara's Mama said...

Wah.. 30books!! All free?

The Vietnamese food looks yummy. I like the bee-hoon your hubby took too, normally this is what I order when I go visit a Vietnamese restaurant.

Twinsmom said...

O_O....OH... I love the Viet. beef noodle!!! I am hungry now, hold you for the responsibility.

1+2mom said...

Wah so many books!!
Nice new template and can i send some photos for you to touch up so i can have some special nice photos to show my friends :P I like the last photo, very nice touch up.

loshita said...

Dear Aunt may,
Thanks for your greeting just nice I receive it today

Blogie-Talkie said...

Z's mama
Ya, you can borrow up to 100 books, CD, tape.
DVD only 1 per person and 1 week rental.

Boleh, you come visit me, I will take you eat Alberta World Famous grad AAA+ Beef. All you can eat.

1+2 mom
By all mean, My pleasure to touch up any of your children photos..Just send me photos in mail, make sure the pic size is not too small.

My dearest Niece 芬芬
I got your email, start to jot note in your new blog ok, I would love to read about your thought and family too,,miss all of you, send me Eurice pictures too.

AsleyLee said...

Can borrow 30 books a time? Wow, good library!

Blogie-Talkie said...

Ya, the library over here very nice to visit especially in downtown, whole buiding. With Fireplace and comfy sitting areas.
How come I cannot log on to your site,, what happen?? your new MSN blog site will shut down on me.

Allyfeel said...

I love vietnamese food too especially their mint leaves. Yum yum!

烦妈妈 said...

The photo that you touch up very nice...like it very much.
Btw, never try Vietnamise food yet...it looks so yummy...should try it someday.

mingming said...

walao... 30 books.. can finish not??

Blogie-Talkie said...

Ya, my favourite too.

I wonder Japan have any Vietnamese Food, since you will go back Malaysia for vacation, maybe go there and try it.

Ming Ming,
Actually there are books for my son‧Mine mostly Magazines and computer books and 散文書, My husband one is 打Ping Pong参考書‧最近佢喜歡打Ping pong 起來‧

Tracy said...

Vietnamese food? Haven't tried dat before. Tried Korean but don't quite like.

Wow, u are allowed to borrow so many books at a time from the library? *imagining how u carried those books* heehee.

荦怡 said...


Blogie-Talkie said...

Vietnamese food is petty light, good for lunch.. try it, you may like it.
That's what husband do,, carry all books, "heavy job is for men job mar."

為何荦怡尿尿不现讓她上廁所後再去Library呢?? 荦怡‧慢慢來‧迟些自己会上廁所後再多去Library.