11 May 2007

2007 Happy Mother's Day 母親節

Happy mother's day!
Yesterday (Thursday) BB Pre-school invite me to the Mother's Day tea Party, all Mothers attended the party and all the kids performed a singing show for us and specially make little gifts for all their mother (of course get a little help from their teachers). The teachers also served us cookies and tea.
When the party end, BB and friends play outside, he suddenly ran to me and hand me a Dandelion then he said: for you mommy, Happy Mother's Day!


huisia said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Mrs.Cheng said...

happy mother's day,猪師奶.bb好乖啊,無論他們平時多頑皮,只要說一句媽媽:我愛你,或者親你一下,媽媽們心都融哂.

Mee Ling said...


Blogie-Talkie said...

Same to you Huisia

多謝.. 仔仔好多時半夜吵醒我‧大声叫"Mommy" 我好嬲因为佢吵醒我之後話"I Love U" 一声又睡着而我就醒左眼光光...

Mee Ling,