16 April 2006

The unfortunate one

My friend's Sharon have a moment when she read a news about Five-year-old Jeffrey Baldwin was found dead in his grandmother's east Toronto house in 2002. Officially, Jeffrey died of pneumonia, the result of breathing in his own feces, but the real cause was severe, prolonged malnutrition. (information are from news.)

My heart break when reading how unfortunetly this happen in a civilization Country we llive in.

Somethings Sharon wrote - Wanna to share with you her thought.

""God, please keep all those unfortunate children with you; give them all the love that they didn’t get in this world, let them be around you and be loved. Please give them rest and peace. We as adult, should be their guidance and protector, but why are there so many children being manipulated by grown up, tortured and killed by grown up? And most of the time, it’s by their own family
members. When I read the news about this five years old boy who died under the care of his grandparent, who weighted only about the same as a normal one year old; it tore my heart. The grandparent kept him only for the money; he was locked in a room at all time. The house is full of other adults like his aunt and her boy friend. But no one did anything when he’s crying for help. I really don’t know what has this world becoming to, the children are so innocent, they rely on us to protect them from the danger, they rely on us to give them love and care, they trusted us especially the people that they love. And yet, those are the people that betrayed them.

All children, no matter it’s your own or not, should deserved to be loved and cared, people who did all those terrible things to the children should be condemned and that should be considered as the worst sin that man could commit

Please pray for those unfortunate children and let them know that there are people who care about them in this world.""



Egghead said...

it's sad that we claim to live in a civilized and modern society when there are still innocent children dying out there because of what adults are doing to them :(

I wept for them!

Zara's Mama said...

This is so sad..

There are genuine loving couples who want children so much but have none, and there are people who have children and do not take care of them and causes pain and suffering to the children..

Lazymama said...

So sad! Like what ZMM said, I just couldn't understand why those peoples still want to give birth if they didn't want to take the responsibilties.

Twinsmom said...

so many similar case in Malaysia too, torture, rape, or simply dump the infant, heart break agai an dagain to see this kind of news. I just couldn't think like those people, aren't they have any heart?