11 April 2006

Last Sunday April 9th

Hubby woke us up for Dim Sum in Chinatown.
My sister and Father joined us. I Invited my good friend's Irene to join us too.
(Irene is a real good friend, a shopping buddy, and a long time friends we share so much in common. Irene, thank you for being a good friend.
she just went back to Brunei for a short visit last year, after 20 years not been back, she just don't believe that going to washroom you need to pay for your toilet paper and entry!
But she enjoyed all the food she miss for last 20 years!)

Brayden is getting a bit older now, so he is daring to try on ride like this. I would say couple months ago, he is scare of this ride. Like Twinsmom said it's a relief, I am happy he finally conquered his fear of height. and ready for Adventure, Son?

After DimSum, we went to Northland Mall for window shopping.. the rule of us shopping are the following 4 catagoly. Must have, must do wan....

Came home, make some quick dinner.. and I make myself a colorful Diet salad..(my boss show me this recipe, it's good!!!!!!!!!)


Green / Red /Orange peppers
Greek salad dressing, i add more olive oil
pinch of sugar
Mayonaise (optional)

Wanna post my recipe to Cookblog, but still not register yet.. soon I have to get Marial to help me....


Zara's Mama said...

Green Tea latte?? Nice?
I love green tea, but the green tea lattes we get from Starbucks are way too sweet..

Irene?? Not Irene, Mum-To-Hailey right?

Blogie-Talkie said...

Zara's mama
Oh No,
My buddy Irene is in Calgary, CANADA.
Remember, I am in Calgary..
Green tea latte, you can order half sweet, make sure you still can taste the greentea.

Jesslyn said...

Yeah, I love salad too..too bad, at home I am the only one like it, if i make i hv to finish all! :(

1+2mom said...

Your son had so much fun!!
I like salad too but just fruit salad. I long time didnt make any salad, should try it 1 day..hehe..but that 1 day dunno when..haha.

Twinsmom said...

hey, just go to cook blog register mah can lor ;).

Blogie-Talkie said...

Jesslyn, 1+2mom
when you put more fruits in it and add light dressing, added pinch of sugar in your dreesing, they may try it.
Eating salad here is convenient. Varienty of dressing too. I like mine light and some quite sour, I add some sugar.

I did lah, won't accept me last time I tried. I will try again later.