24 October 2007

Maple tree found in Calgary

Weeks ago I posted Fall in Calgary Pictures, Terrick was saying "if it's colorful maple leaves it will added stronger Fall essence ". I agree, but Calgary is a Prairie land, hardly any maple tree grow here.
Little I know, when I was driving along Centre Street, I saw a very mature pretty Maple tree, I can't believe my eyes, with a closer look, (it was a Nova Maple tree) .
Every morning, when we are on the way to school, we love watching the tree along side, waiting it changing leave and fall.. I wanna to snap more pictures after, but got too much tight schedule, unable to stop by.....
One Morning, We drove by as usual,,,,,,,,, oh my ! The one and only maple tree in Centre street cut down so much branches!! I can't believed what I saw, we went there closer, indeed, it's chopped off so much and the tree don't look life anymore.
The owner saw us, and she came out telling me so many people got upset with her cutting down the branches, and she explained she have no choice, she is an 80th years old senior, the tree is about 39 years old, very tall, big and she cannot handle anymore leaves fallen the ground every Fall season. I told her, If I have known early, My sister and I won't mind helping her to clean up the leaves every year,, but it's too late now. My boy is upset too, because he knows mommy love the tree so much!
Indeed, it's sad to see such a nice tree and it's a maple tree in middle of Prairie city land, got cut down so much.. we went there again after school, we collected some leaves, seed and say goodbye!
The eldest lady is Mrs Bernie, she felt very bad about this but she just do what is best for her, (she own the tree, is in her lot.) mind you she spend quite a lot of money to get the tree TRIM off.
She was so nice to us, she shown us her garden and asking me to come back in Spring, she will have young shoots for me to plant, Yes, I want to get as many as possible, hopping I can grow a nice tall maple tree in my back yard!
Later that day, I think I saw another Maple tree in someone backyard, I have to check it out someday.


mama bok said...

Oh boy..! what a bummer..! but ya.. 80 yrs old.. can have a hard time with the leaves.. :) so nice of you to offer to help though.. :)

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

yar, so sad to see the tree got chopped off so much, in east coast have lots of Maple tree yar?
show us some of your Fall pictures.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so beautiful..I want to stay in Canada!


MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

indeed, it's a beautiful country to live, except the weather is a bit cold in Calgary, but other than this, I can't think I have a reason not to live here. (mind you, I miss my family, friends and food... I hope they are all here too.)
Welcome, I will send you more info,, I am sure you and your hubby more than qualify to be a Canadian..

新來的 said...


Anonymous said...

Do you know where exactly that maple tree is on the Center street? A friend of mine from Germany is visiting me. She is going back home in a few days and want to take a maple leaf as a souvenir with her. But she couldn't find even one maple maple tree in Calgary! Thanks:)

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

hI Val
The address not exactly sure.
it's a duplex house, I check the Google map, the house is in Huntridge Cresent, NE.. very close to 4th street Superstore.. I hope this help.