07 January 2008

大家還好嗎?Just being lazy, but today resume to regular routine!

Hi folks, How are you?
I am fine! Thanks for your comments and greetings. During the Holiday weeks, we eat eat eat for weeks. Believed me, we got so tired partying and decided to take a break from it. We stay home, sit and do nothing. How come? I Don't know! I just need time for myself, for my other half and my boyboy.

We on pajamas all day & all night long. We told boyboy, during the holiday break, there are no rush for school and homework like usual, we will rest hard, play hard and sleep hard. When we resume, we will be all charge up and then we can work hard. I find this is so relaxing than going to a party, I call this a real holidays break! ( Yes, tight budget indeed, but my heart is rich wor, that's count most lar!)
Today, boyboy is back to school after 2 weeks of school breaks, we resume to regular routine and my computer finally running..thanks to hubby.

(Thanks to hubby who bought me Spyder2Pro (hardware to calibrate color for all my monitors) and my Sister's Elaine bought me a 22 inches Samsung LCD mon.. not to forget to mentioned 2 more sisters who gave me a big pocket money... I know, I am the luckies youngest girl in my family,,, thanks to all my sisters who support the an unemployed and poor ...--- yes that's Me!)

回來了! 大家還好嗎?謝謝大家留言!


mama bok said...

You are definitely blessed..!

Bobo Cat said...

100% relax! Fits this week IF's topic!

墮天使-祥 said...

wah ! 22 inches LCD.

I think you already fully charge and now is time to draw some nice picture for us.

ha ha , welcome back.

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

yes, Mama bok, I treasure all my blessing very much!

Bobo master- Julia
great idea,, let me add few more things first.Thanks!

是呀!22吋LCD Mon, 我是幸運有家人疼!