10 January 2008

wrap me up! 把我當禮物包!

One Dinner night (weeks before Christmas), boyboy said......
BB: mommy, teacher said you don't need to buy Christmas present for yourself, family or friend will buy it for you, and keep it a secret, it will be a surprise gift. So, what do you wish to have, mommy?
Mommy: oh! isn't suppose to be a secret? If I tell you, there be no surprise!
Boyboy: it's ok, you can make a wish list!
Mommy thinking : (what a thought ! I've never minded myself nor thinking about it. Anyway I hint him, I thought he knows I love to draw lately since some days he told me to enjoy my free time drawing, I thought I mentioned water color before, he may remembered.)
Mommy: What do you think? You know what mommy like!
My boy pause and rolling his eyes balls..... Suddenly he turns to his daddy and whisper (quite loud that I can hear it):
BB: Daddy, Can you wrap me up? Because mommy love me most, she will be Very Happy when she got me as a present!
Mommy deep in thought: So loving, so real, so sweet, so ..worth it!
Indeed he is so right...what else I want most....2007年聖誕節前,正當我們吃晚餐的時候,仔仔對我說..
我暗示仔仔:" 你一定知道我喜歡什麼呀!"
仔仔: "爺地,不如您把我當禮物包起來,送我給媽咪做聖誕禮物,因為媽咪最喜歡最愛我了、媽咪一定最開心了!"
真感動。不枉我的用心 ,放棄工作後少了收入,左省右省,全職投入天職(母職囉!) 好值!。 甜極了!


墮天使-祥 said...



Bobo Cat said...

touching story and great illo!

Rrramone said...

That is so cute!!!

huisia said...

that's touching :)

earthtone said...

ha..so cute...and sure he knows best! so did he eventually get you other presents/wrap himself up?

幸福妈妈 said...


MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

墮天使-祥 - 阿馮

Julia, rrramone, Huisia,幸福妈妈
Thank you!
謝謝你們, 仔仔還算ok, 不氣我的時候囉!

No lah, his dad did not wrap him, it's the thoughts and talk.. but he did wrapped up some of his favorite toys to me, his dad and my sister, as long he know he gets them back, he use it for the Spirit of Love wor...