09 January 2008

Postcard from Singapore

Received a postcard from E.T. this afternoon, an invitation to visit Singapore ... a chance to win a trip to Singapore.. oooo... this will be great if my entry get drawn...Thanks E.T. for entering me in! I hope I am the lucky one ! Are there Lucky Angel around? Or Any sponsor???
Thank you E.T.
謝妳enter us in!有機會一定到訪! 現在只好等待幸運的抽中了!謝妳!
Pray pray pray.......


mama bok said...

Enter me too..!! so sweet of ET eh.. :)

earthtone said...

HO HO HO , hope you are get drawn!
what a pretty postcard. Blogie really does her research when she draws...pei fu pei fu!

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Mama bok
maybe your on the way...

Hope so, if so, you will get a big prize from me too!
Thanks again!