28 January 2008

今天好凍.. Too cold

It's cooooooooold outside, minus 20 outside.. with the windchill is making the weather even colder, about -30 degree man!... szzzzz,,, will be cold for next 2 days...hope these weather will last only for 2 days... and Chinook will come to warm the weather.
Note: Below snow man were crafted by boyboy, the girl were real snowball and I drew the clothing to give it a notch ! .. :)
氣候好冷呀!零下二十度..今天家裡的暖氣費一定會好貴了.. 唉!幸好今天仔仔不用上學一天,可以冬眠一陣!嘆下先!明天就受苦了... 怕怕!


墮天使-祥 said...


mama bok said...

Keep safe.. and warm.. May..!

Julia said...


huisia said...

that's beautiful scene there..
gosh, -20, woo...that's terrible.

May, i am going back to M'sia tomorrow, so, wish you happy Chinese New Year in advance :)

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

下雪時如果沒windchill 就很好‧加果有風就好冷。

mama bok
Yes, we just stay home to keep away from the freezing weather... Thursday is warming up and going to be ok for the rest of the week.

Thank you! Still practicing and hopefully will archive to your level someday,,要多練習,也不知可不可以做到呢? 妳的作品很受歡迎哦!

Thanks! yes, the weather is quite normal with this winter time, snow a lot too(the temp. -20 don't happen a lot). The pass few years Winter were quite nice and warm through out the Winter season.
Yes, Happy Chinese New Year to you and Family...