30 January 2008

種慈菇花迎新年 CNY plants

I plant arrowroot for Chinese New Year decorations. You can also cook with it, it is one of my favorite food, one of my comfort food because my mom use to make it.
In every Chinese New Year, people plant it for decorations, the leaves will grow tall long and flowers later(kind of like water Lily), the flower is in white and the fragrant is quite strong. My mother use to grow this plant weeks before the CNY for home decorations. (white flower pictures Downloaded in google)
I know now I've started the plant too late, and in less than 1 week, CNY is here, my plant will be too small, I should have known better plant it at least a month early.今年種慈菇花迎新年 ,不過種的太遲了,苗子才剛出來,下個星期新年就開始了,來不及啦!


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