25 October 2007

snow today 昨天晴天,今早下雪

A Dramatic changed..The weather! Today high only 5 degree and yesterday was high +23.
This... is Calgary!昨天晴天,今早下雪,氣溫只有高五度,卡加利就是一個有不測的風雲城市。
仔仔却很兴奋,等不及下課回家去yard玩雪,我就怕怕!Yesterday we caught many lady bugs in our back yard, we store them in the cage with wet towel, food and some leaves, thanks goodness, we save these lady bugs from the snow, or else they will be freezing and cover with snow, *mind you I may have underestimate it, all creatures and inserts know how to live and adapt fine in nature.


huisia said...

woo..the snow and ladybirds are so pretty!

really dramatically changed!

mama bok said...

I love your snow pictures..! but ya.. what a dramatic change..! I donch want any snow yet.. :(

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

yer,, I love them but not so much the snow lar. Those bugs I have to release them soon, they don't belong inside the cage, they belong outside in the nature.

thanks, I am glad you still have good weather there, Calgary often gets weather like this, that's why Fall is a high season for Flu too.

huisia said...

i am still in sabah, malaysia. will be going back to china on November.

荦怡 said...