14 October 2007

河水勾起的回憶、 The River evoked memories of my childhood.

睇見仔仔係河邊玩,勾起童年時的回憶,回想以前小時候在家鄉 "Petaling Tin" 家境並不富有,玩具很少,不過小時候的玩伴多和玩意非常多,當中也包括河流邊玩,並不需要什麽玩具也可以玩一大餐,當年的日子過的最自在、最開心!
而仔仔今天一樣在河边逗留時,他就不能全面投入去玩了,因為我同佢daddy都偏執D、担心佢旣安全囉!唔可以行近,唔可以跳,唔可以依D果D!無計啦!現在D細路寶貝嗎!Already third week of Fall, the weather is unbelievable warm and nice. Hubby make us take a walk just outside the trail rather than sitting on the coach and watch t.v.
Indeed, such a nice weather don't last very long, many people taking the chance to take a walk with family and pets before cold air hit.
Along the path way, there is a river, Boy just love stopping there and hang around, watching him, I have so many memory returns, playing in the river evoked memories of my childhood, remembering my childhood in my hometown, Petaling Tin, KL, Malaysia. My sibling and the gang love to hang out near the river side, soon we arrive, we'll remove the slippers, roll up the pants, and plunge in the water and play. Those old days is full of joy and fun even we have no fancy toy to play with, our creativity and the peacefully neighborhood provide us many way and places to play. My brave gutsy Sister's Elaine is the leader, when comes to play, the boys have to stand back, she is the queen of all, I tell you, she got us in so much fun, winning at most time and trouble too, I remember my oldest sister use to come home and Elaine always got ROTAN for being too busy outside playing and no house work got done! Ha!I guess that her consequences for being the Queen at play...
For my boy, he's cannot plunge in the river play like us, his dad get quite paranoid, not allowing him to go too close to the water, it may be too dangerous, you know, he's too precious, he need to be protected, I think it's quite paranormal for today parent! Don't you think? We had a little adventure when returning home, we took a short cut but it was terrible, we got poked by the spiky dried grasses and plants, my boy commented our decision taking the short cut path was no fun and not wise at all...


Anonymous said...

It's so cold for us here.. :( you are so lucky..! warm and taking walks. Here.. we get outta the car.. and can't wait to get into the store or home.. so chilling..!

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

oh, Calgary weather is superb for this time of the year, it was plus 19 on Monday, +16 Tuesday, a bit cooler today but a light jacket will be enough, I wish the warm air arrive your town soon.