24 October 2007

+22 degree 中秋。秋高氣爽

What a beautiful day in middle of October in Calgary. Temp. now is +22 degree.
Thanks to the Chinook wind bringing such a wonderful warm air in middle of Fall. We've been having so many warm days this week, very nice. How about your end Mamabok?
We went outside to catch some lady bugs, watering, blowing bubble...
just enjoying the good warm day that will not last until tomorrow..
天氣好,人都爽!太好了,這幾天的天氣很暖尤其是今天氣溫達到二十二度,不用穿jacket,當被太陽曬時,皮膚還需要擦sunblock咧!已中秋了,氣侯還有二十度以上、難以相信!受地球暖化影響?Tomorrow temperature will drop to 5 degree, no surprise Calgary often get warmer air call CHINOOK weather a day or two, give us a break from the cold air, but it will goes back to normal temperature after.


mama bok said...

Tis' was chilly here this morning.. ! but a few days ago.. it was great.. ! just like summer all over again. :)

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

look like the Global warming is really in effect?
I heard the radio said Today high is record high same as in 1940th. so no one can tell what mother nature decide what to do.