02 October 2007

現今做父母甚艱難!Today parent

Bird watchingMy boy loves watching birds, influenced by his 11 years old cousin's Courtney, ever since, he loves borrow Birds book from the library to be able to identify birds in Canada, so far he surprise me how much he know about the name of many birds we watch in the park, we bought one book for him so he can keep it !仔仔受了佢Courtney表姐影響喜歡看鳥,人仔細細,也沒學識看字就向Library借關於鳥的書睇!但是咪睇佢小、每次見到鳥係附近、他可以打開書的 其中一頁來確認那一隻/一堆鳥㗎!都好準㗎(有時係表砠同佢睇過D書同講過哦)!不過也難的佢可以記得唔同烏類的特精,而有D鳥常見或已見過一次就會記得 D名可以立刻講出末添!唔錯!好安慰!

好過好似今日佢同D過份活躍D同学仔玩時,好似被人欺負。初時玩的好好、後來這三個小精靈朋友仔追迫佢,又拔D草同 拿石仔向仔仔掉,阿仔見到三個迫攻,阿仔開始逃避,但D小精靈朋友仔唔罷休紕續推佢,我見如此,点可以唔理咧? 佢太斯文了,大soft lar! 我知我知道我要阿仔自已學防護、建立獨立,但見到時我又唔放心睇唔過眼,我走過去叫佢哋play nice,唔好 pick on 佢,佢哋才慢慢stop了。而阿仔就唔出声好似好 timid好尷尬,之後我說時间到了佢就跟我走。
當我問佢發生什么事,有事要同大人講或同D朋友仔講play nice or don't play and 学吓防身之術, 但佢又唔钟意我干涉佢的同学仔的嘢!唔多出聲,只係話ok好尷尬,我應該點去coach 我仔呢???

所 以今日佢daddy同我帶佢去park看鳥舒緩吓放鬆吓,多謝佢旣細表姐Courtney的教導 (而Courtney也只係十一歲) 佢有這看鳥 healthy hobby,再加上佢有我二姐佢旣Two姨媽常陪佢玩補番啦!) yeee?? 係咪應該係我要放鬆吓咧??
Today parent is facing a lot of challenge bringing up a child, I am facing some challenges now.
My son being pick on at school park, two to three over active kids pick on him, throw tiny rock and green grass on him saying pretend he is a little monster, they want to hunt him down, my boy got scare and didn't know how to stop them, I step in a asked the kids to play nice, (but my boy is timid or uncertain when I step in and help out, probably look too protective or embarrasses?) and I am very upsad, I teached him to talk to them to play nice, playing rough may get hurt, come to mommy when this situation happen. My boy is too easy and soft, so hard for me to watch my baby is facing the real world...... How should I help him learn ??Created a video clip on my boy ........ so easy to do, try it out!


mama bok said...

Love the video..! truly warming..! and i know exactly what you mean about the bullying..! that's what i am afraid of.. for Chloe.

May the Blogie-Talkie said...

Thank you.
Yes, indeed, I am afraid everyday, luckily I pick him up after school and monitor him all the time, but these kids don't understand nor afraid when you the adult warn him, and their grown up stood there do nothing about it! that piss me off....