18 October 2007

Reborn 一隻手拍不響,我才不笨出手拍

my problem was so small to compare with people in need in the world, like the hungry children, the poor, senior, people battle their life in hospital, in war ect.. I got out of focus, I got too bitchy and realize I killed so much good cell, I can't afford it, they are too precious. The flu season is here, I need them to battle for my good health, why waste my attention on small people like that, I actually pity the ex-boss who will have 1 employee next week on, and I heard she is facing a lot of challenges which she ask for it, I don't need to go on to proof what she likes.
I am all charge up, thanks to all who put in encouraging words in the comments note. No need to stress about it! she is OUT!
Peace.. my sisters is right, what goes around come around..

一個大好年青人Terrick你, 還有Huisia, Domestic Goddess, zara, zaria mama, 謝謝留言支持


冷瀞過後再思考才發覺也真的沒什么大不了,反正都离開了,何必容許她打擾我平靜的生活、可能有如Domestic Goddess 說,談可容易,做是有難度、可是不去pratice又怎能成功呢!DG *Hug*, I did it!


再說一向的她整天也不只愛說我一個,每個同事也令教過。她的生活富有但是為人太沈悶 、無感覺的、枯的。很多時候她叫我約她一起去做户外活动,我又常常不做好人,不聲不理的,因為她和我只限於雇主雇員關係,不可能越過,幸好我一向保持這關係。記得她曾說過我這人很straight forward,受不了,(我是見她凡眾"黑"人憎オ這樣對她) 她說過她是老板不喜歡請人回來受气的 ,(她忘了我是請回來做artwork的不是阿四!) 由此可見我可能一向不怎樣應她的要求,她不爽我!Huisia妳說的對,妒忌出賣了她人格!你還說的有實力那怕沒人請,我才記起那無良雇主的business partner 請我過檔,我推了因為間接中我一樣要替那無良雇主做artwork的!對!我不該認為這無良雇主能損我能力。




Terrike,你說的好-"部落格確實是一個很好的發泄管道" 這花气力大作文章療法真有效哩!嘿Terrike謝謝你帮我取"五月媽媽"這名稱,我用它了!


Anonymous said...

I got your message in my last blog post, I don't know how you found me ^^; But it sounds like you're doing okay now...

I'll make sure to continue to pray for you if you'd like. Keep smiling!


Winn said...

i like the photos you took and the way you present ur photos. very very nice.

it's difficult to stay when you are unhappy at work.dont get too worked up. try~~~~to forgive her.;p ( easier said than done hor? :P:P)
have a nice day k

Terrick said...




All the best to you !

mama bok said...

Have a great weekend.. May..!

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

thanks Chris, thanks for your sweet thought. Sound good, I am sure no one complain about too much blessing.

thank you,I try to ignore her, to forgive, I thought she should ask for it first, I thank you for your positive motivation, pls come visit sometime.

ai yar, just admit it lar,young man like you, I would consider quite mature and smart kah, just too bad, you already occupied, or else I would match you up with my niece lor,, hoho...don't you dare now, you must appreciates your present or.

thank you, thank you, I ow you big, tell me what can I do for you. or whenever you come visit Calgary, I take you out, fatten up and spend some good time together. Remember, you always welcome.

huisia said...

glad to hear that you are fine now. :)

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, sorry, why I never see these posts before, I have been visiting..too bad I wasn't around back then to cool down your fire. sorry!

This kind of people - will get her deserved end later. must be patient and see show later...so jialat. It's amazing you could stay working for such an abusive person that long...pat yourself on the back.

take care yah....blog it out sure will feel better..