05 October 2007

home make cendol

I love Cendol, ever since living in Canada, there is no place I can find to ease my cendol craving.
When I was on vacation in Vancouver, my brother took me to an Indonesian Food court, Auntie Cheng is really a good cook, her Rendang, Laksa, kuih and her Cendol is top quality food, the taste is exact the same as in KL food store, I love her food, I highly recommended her store to all who love Malaysian food over here.
But when I return to Calgary, I crave for Cendol especially during hot summer day, so, I did some search and luckily I found the main ingredient(Hun Kwe-green bean flour) in Vancouver year ago. las I was in cooking mood and start make my own Cendol, the result is .. not bad, but there are room for improvement! Here is my home make CENDOLHome make Cendol1)This is the Hun Kwe flour I bought in Vancouver, I tried to use green bean flour that I bought in Asian supermarket here, product of Taiwan, but the texture was no good, the dough did not got harden, when I use Hu Kwe Flour, I have no problem. I wonder Why? no clue..2)Weight out all ingredient.mixture. Hun Kwe flour, Lye water, salt and corn starch, pandan juice and water. I put a little bit of icing sugar to give it a notch!3)Cook mixture in a saucepan, low-med temperature, stirring all the time until it start thickens, turns shiny and begins to boil. Keep the mixture warm, or it will get harden before you press in the mold.4) Press dough through the cendol-maker (I use stainless steel strainer) with quick short strokes (keeping dough warm all the time) --->>into a basin of ice water,Leave the cendol pieces to harden for 10 minutes before rinsing several times to prevent them from sticking to each other.5)Ready to serve with Nyonya Gula Melaka - syrup, crush ice, coconut milk (you may substitute with brown sugar, but less rich in flavor.)


Anonymous said...

walao~~mesin buat ais pun ada yo~~
so rajin o~~ ^.^

Anonymous said...

impressed too!
so much work..for a taste of hometown...and looks very autentic


MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

yar la, bila you mau makan exclusive punya food, mesti mau barang-barang to prepared one lar, saya envy you boleh makan bila you want...me in Overseas, susah lah!

yar, when I crave for certain food, I will go extra mile to make it, only if I can find all ingredient over here, there are some recipe I have no luck and fail, so will have to fly home to taste it, just stuff...until I can visit home one day..

Anonymous said...

Wow..!! salute you ..!! so did it cure your craving..??

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

yer,, but I don't have enough Hwa kwee flour, and the first patch still missing something, I have to get more the flour (in Vancouver) and try again.

Anonymous said...

i am living in china now, n i like cendol a lot too . i saw u make the homemake cendol from the picture. so i hope u can give me the ingredient of making cendol!! i will come again to ur blog again next time ..
or can u send it to my mail : chanxiaoqi@yahoo.com
thank you

Master B said...

What Indonesian store in Vancouver did you go to?