20 June 2008

Hoard - IF entry - Last Lecture by Dr. Randy Pausch

Don't Hoard your tears at the end of this video!
Professor Dr. Randy Pausch knows he is dying. This video will leave you thinking when it's over.
Gimme few minutes of your time to watch it. It would do us all some good.

Below illo Dedicated to Dr. Randy Pausch's Children and family.
(Remember to Pause the I-Pod when you play the video)
His update here..


Karen Mowrey said...

Oh May! What an incredible idea and artwork. I have seen the last lecture several times and so thrilled someone brought it to their own art. This is a beautiful interpretation of this week's theme! Great job on adding heart and soul to it!

Bella Sinclair said...

Truly inspirational, and your illustration captures his message perfectly. Pure magic. I couldn't help shedding a few tears at the end.

By the way, I found myself humming Ce Petit Coeur a lot this week! Thank you for putting a little extra kick in my step.

rbaird said...

Lovely post May.

Karoeza said...

Hi, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today!
Your art is so different of mine, but also very beautiful. Very pretty work.

Mônica said...

What an amazing lecture and person! It's truly touching and inspiring, and your artwork expresses it beautifully.
Thank you, May!

PS. Yes, I am left-handed. :-)

Momo said...

I love all your illustrations. Very heartwarming.

The Last Lecture has been most inspiring. After I last saw it, I shared it with my friends and they all found it very meaningful too. Thanks for sharing this Oprah version.

Tracy said...

Oh wow, May! Thank you so much for posting this! I was fine until the last sentence and he held up 3 fingers...I knew exactly what, or rather who, he was going to say :'( What an inspirational lecture and the illustration you created to honor him and our childhood dreams is perfect and wonderful!

-J.Meyer said...

Very beautiful.
Thanks for posting the video.
Your piece is beautiful. I love the color and wonder it inspires.


Emila Yusof said...

My heart sank and I did cry at the end of the lecture. All my prayer and thoughts for Dr. Randy.

Thanks for sharing this video, May.

Eric Barclay said...

Outstanding, May.

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Hello all,
Thanks for spending time to watch the video, I am so glad you all find this inspiring!
Thanks for the comments! God bless you all!

Bee said...

Very moving and thought provoking video. Great illustration dedication, thanks for posting these.

PauloSilva said...

nice illo good

ms. froggie said...

what a lovely illio and even lovelier post/message to share..thank you so much, may! and, in my very humble opinion about your post to me, about lessons...you just keep right on doing what you are doing...really. you've a wonderful style already and a head full of super and fresh ideas...just keep heading down that way...draw something new EVERY DAY. it's the BEST advice i was given this year. it really helps build consistency in your work...keeps you focused. best of luck, may! :))

Alina Chau said...