18 June 2007

Our trip to Vancouver Part 1

We are in Vancouver now, the weather is cloudy and rainy, still didn't ruin our vacation mood.
Attended the wedding yesterday, it was so well planed and beautiful..will have some pictures later.

BB first AirPlane ride last Thursday, he did enjoyed the one hour ride to Vancouver. He was Curious, fascinated and an eye opener for him too... still missing his dad when saying goodbye, but soon we passed the security, he was so anxious to look around and wanting to go in the cabin right away, I saw an assistance pilot and chat abit. When we walking in the cabin, he can't wait and seated himself in the Business Class, oh boy, I quickly told him our seat is in the back..

When we at the top of Snowy Rocky Mountain, he looks out and asked me: Mom, are we going to North Pole (His idea of North Pole is where Santa, RainDeer and Elves lives)?"
Mommy: No, son, we are going to Vancouver, why you say so?
BB: look! Outside look like North Pole mar. mommy.

Hmm,, too much T.V and the story book influenced qua..

"The North pole you said do not exist son, just in people imagination for story telling, Now is in yours, so tell me more about what you know about North Pole" he started a story but have no idea what he saying because he is too busy watching T.V.

When we arrived Vancouver, My niece came and picked us up. In the Car..........
BB said: mommy, over here have same car as in Calgary, and there is Tim Horton coffee shop here too.........
Just because mydear boy thinking we've travel outside the Country..
"No boy, we still in Canada, Most things still look the same kah, but good BB, good observation"


huisia said...

Wah..the pictures so nice..you're really superb!!

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Anonymous said...

it's great to be able to board the plane all over again with zai zai. It's an all new experience all over again. And I also think he's very observant! To notice that things are the same as home..hahaha


jasmine said...

he is so smart! enjoy yr holiday.

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jasmine said...

sorry type wrong my new blog is:-

May the Blogie-Talkie said...

Thank Huisia
will soon visit your new home,,,

I know, he is so curious about everything in the airplane, so funny he wants to go NorthPole where Santa lives next time,, more funny to see him going thru security check.

Thanks, the holiday was so good, lucky me, I am going back there in 4 weeks, this time is real vacation with hubby and his family..ok, I will visit your new blog home later.

Mama BoK said...

Yes.. good observation..!! and very nice pictures..!