20 June 2009

Drifting - my condolences to a dear blogger friend's

This week IF topic is Drifting.I wanna to draw something today to a special blogger friend's Bella Sinclaire, who lost her husband last week. She is one wonderful lady I met in the blog world through IF community and love by many other bloggers too.
When I heard the news from Yoon See, Words cannot even begin to express my sorrow.
I shall send my sincere condolences across the miles and let the bubble help me drifting my sorrows to her, the little girls - Nona, Emma and the family."Bella, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
May your memories give you strength and remember that we care about you."

Please visit her site Bella Sinclaire express your condolences to her and the girls.
Thank you!


Indigene said...

Lovely tribute and sweet illustration!

amit said...

excellent artwork.

yoon see said...

May, you are really kind and thoughtful!
This heartfelt illo is the greatest dedication of yours to Bella and her girls.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, May, dear sweet May. I've missed you and your wonderful art. Thank you so much for your gentle condolences and this tender and heartfelt dedication. You have touched me to tears. It is beautiful, and it is friendship like yours that has kept me strong and given me courage. I am so very grateful. I love you, dear friend.

I see some congratulations are in order for you this summer -- new family member, a birthday, a prize.... I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer.