13 June 2009

My little collections!

I love sheep, litle lamb, goat thingy,, because they are cute, tender and adorable!
Some of my collection peices...我最喜爱羊的物品,讓大家看看一些我的羊羊收藏品吧!

The Sheep family..


yoon see said...

Hi May! Glad that you showed us your cool collections:)
Just so so cute and adorable!

I love the one in the blue rea cup, craving for attention!

The couple sheep, one in black and white so in love:)

Is that a handmade pin-chusion sheep on bottom left?

Blabk sheep among all the white.
Extra outstanding!

The one in the middle is that a ceramic one?

Wow! OK, I see, I hope you will receive more sheep gifts in the future, so that your collections will grow and grow.
May be you can open a sheep museum then!! Ha..Ha...

The lovely black and white sheeps illustration are having so much fun time roaming at their greener pastures! Flowers bed greener pastures!
I can see a daddy, mummy and a baby.
Happy shheps family!!!
Just like yours, happy happy!

Bye May:)

Mônica said...

What an adorable collection you have, May! The ones in tea cups are just precious!

yoon see said...

Hi May,

Sorry to inform you that Bella Sinclair's husband had passed away last Saturday.
Please drop by her site and give her some support when you are free:)

Yoon See

yoon see said...

Sorry to drop by late.
Good day to you May.
Sorry, Bella didn't furnish me her US address, in fact she didn't reply me yet, I guess she is busy at the moment. I shall try to write to her later when she is more settle down.