22 June 2009

25 years ago today..

June 22nd, the day my mom pass away 25 years ago.
She always in our memory that last forever......... and we still miss her!



yoon see said...

Such a lovely and sweet dedication to your mum May:)
Peace be with you and your family!

yoon see said...

Picture tag specially for you May.
If you are busy, then just ignore it:)


Faruffa said...

these are adorables and so poetic!!!!

Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful tribute to your mother.

Bec said...

Hi May! Firstly, wow, these are really beautiful. What a very lovely tribute!
Secondly, just wanted to let you know there is a little surprise waiting for you on the BrisStyle blog http://brisstyle.blogspot.com. Hopefully it is something that will give you a smile :)
Best regards, Bec (BrisStyle Blog Editor)

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thanks Yoon See.

Hey, Faruffa, thanks! I simply scribble and go with the mood!

Eric, how are you friends? thanks for dropping by!

hey Yoon See, ok, I will post the tag, thanks for thinking of me!

I am so happy and violated the company policy by going to the website checking the good news!
I can't wait to receive the goody from Bristyle community.

jcdillustration said...

Wow, your "scribbles" are so beautiful. Your artistic dedication to your mom expresses such love. I also lost my own mom, 14 years ago. I am sending many hugs to you!! Your work makes the world a friendlier and happier place. Your mom would be so proud of you! =) =)

Sis1 said...

I miss Mama too. It has been 25 long years. Wish I cud have a moment with her to see if she is doing okay up there with Ah Po. Like to see her smile and tell her
we love her and she is always in our hearts. She had been always very proud of you being her youngest and most creative/cheerful
of the half dozen kid. Sis1