24 June 2007

My trip to Vancouver part 2

Finally weekend is here, just take it easy....now here is some pictures to share....
(the little one)Niece's Adelyn & Mandi
We are home now, soon we reach home, we are so busy with every activities is in last day for BB, last day of school lar, Swimming lesson, Soccer game(actually one more game next Tuesday)..... we are so tired.
BB is sick yesterday (maybe too tired and playing water gun with Aunt's outside too long), vomit one time and whinning a lot, luckily he is much better today.
In the Morning, he said, "mommy, look, I am all better, why I got better so fast?"
Mom: "Because you take a lot of rest and drinking lots of water."
BB:"because I have build more white blood cell to fight the sick germ in my body right?"
He read a book mentioned why we get flu, how body system work lor..I was quite suprised to hear him mentioned this as it was quite awhile ago I read this book to him.
Mom:"yes, my boy, remember to wash your hand to avoid getting bad germ into your body again, so you can really get rid of your flu "

The trip to Vancouver was fanstatic, really enjoyed my stay there, get to see friends, god children and my family especially my Brother and nieces and nephew. My 6 days trips was short, lucky me, I am going back there in 4 weeks(hubby planed this family vacation months ago), this time will travel by car, Hubby and his sister's Miranda and family is coming along too. (looking forward but not so about the 11 hours drive lor!)This is second time we travel with his sister family to Vancouver.
Big kids now, got my nephew to post for me, so I can do this cool pictures to show off his is an adult Boy now.............BB were scare of Mandi (the dog) when we arrived Brother house, but few days later, he got use to her and love going to dog park with the cousins.

Attended Emily's (my buddy neice's) Wedding on the 16th, she is so beautiful and lovely, the wedding was so well planed and joyful. While she walk into the aisle with her uncle, I got tears in my eyes seeing this lovely young women (I know her since she just a little girl) is getting wed to a man she loves.
Emily's mom & sister

18 June 2007

Our trip to Vancouver Part 1

We are in Vancouver now, the weather is cloudy and rainy, still didn't ruin our vacation mood.
Attended the wedding yesterday, it was so well planed and beautiful..will have some pictures later.

BB first AirPlane ride last Thursday, he did enjoyed the one hour ride to Vancouver. He was Curious, fascinated and an eye opener for him too... still missing his dad when saying goodbye, but soon we passed the security, he was so anxious to look around and wanting to go in the cabin right away, I saw an assistance pilot and chat abit. When we walking in the cabin, he can't wait and seated himself in the Business Class, oh boy, I quickly told him our seat is in the back..

When we at the top of Snowy Rocky Mountain, he looks out and asked me: Mom, are we going to North Pole (His idea of North Pole is where Santa, RainDeer and Elves lives)?"
Mommy: No, son, we are going to Vancouver, why you say so?
BB: look! Outside look like North Pole mar. mommy.

Hmm,, too much T.V and the story book influenced qua..

"The North pole you said do not exist son, just in people imagination for story telling, Now is in yours, so tell me more about what you know about North Pole" he started a story but have no idea what he saying because he is too busy watching T.V.

When we arrived Vancouver, My niece came and picked us up. In the Car..........
BB said: mommy, over here have same car as in Calgary, and there is Tim Horton coffee shop here too.........
Just because mydear boy thinking we've travel outside the Country..
"No boy, we still in Canada, Most things still look the same kah, but good BB, good observation"

13 June 2007

Summer is here, School is almost over.

暑假將近‧仔仔也會同D同學仔、球友say goodbye 了‧今年九月新學期開始‧大家去不同學校上課、所以現在的好友也會各走東西、可能會依依不捨‧盼很快會再見了‧

仔仔係Pre-School 只會交男仔朋友‧而Alec 同Cody是他常常一起玩的玩伴‧

記得佢初初講我們關於佢的好友時‧daddy 將他們改成中文名字,Cody為高迪而ALEC是阿叻‧還有Josh--左志‧Tayson--泰臣.. 誰知仔仔唔钟意,唔喜歡我們這樣叫他的Friends哦!

餛飩 homemake wonton

Home Make WONTON 餛飩 材料 Ingredient 包 wrap 包好嶼餛飩 ready to cook餛飩清湯 clear broth wonton
餛飩Laksa湯 wonton curry laksa

12 June 2007

飛機恐懼症_ Flying phobia

今個星期四我會同仔仔會坐飛機去Vancouver參加細姪女(好友的外甥女)的婚禮也順便探吓二哥。而Daddy 留底屋企‧好惨!
不過倆父子也有走前恐懼症‧Daddy miss仔仔又担心佢安全(咁!我呢???)而阿仔第一次坐飛機好擔心又怕又好奇!

仔仔:媽咪,我唔要去Vancouver, 唔要坐飛機,唔想坐飛機!要係屋企!

媽咪: 坐飛機好玩架!媽咪呀二十幾歲オ有第一次坐飛機呀!你五歲就可以坐‧好Fun架!blah blah..

仔仔:呼呼...(start crying-- 都係唔想去) 不如我等到好似妳咁多歲現去坐啦!

媽咪:(惨啦!增加佢的reason not to go 添!) Ai,,仔, 但係你D朋友仔好細個都坐過飛機周圍去,佢吔話好好玩哦!果度有表姐有Curtis哥哥同你玩添!

仔仔:(開始有憂喜參半..心思思) 咁!媽咪,飛機載我地去幾多日呀?飛機內邊有冇电視架?有冇枱吃嘢架?有冇game玩架?(問題多了,心情好似好轉)


仔仔: (pause and 靜下‧眼角有淚珠‧慢慢將心中另一憂盧發出來) 哇........咁!我會miss 爸爸,Two-Two(二姨媽)同大細表姐囉!(我講咁多,只係收到前一句,深入佢心好伤心!)

媽咪: 吓!..(小朋友心態...百變無窮!)好了!.好了!..(daddy 聽到了,好感動咁,仔仔跑前去,倆父子欖住..) 唉點收拾分離局面呢....

仔仔﹕爸爸,飛機会載我同媽咪去温哥華‧六日現載我番來呀‧我會好Miss你哦!(suffer separation.. )


而今個星期仔仔放學時我帶仔仔番工(同事們己同仔仔好熟络),同事 "候生仔Mr.J" 知道仔仔有坐飛機恐懼感,就開始講古仔俾佢聽‧(D细路仔好怪,整係聽其他人講)

"候生仔Mr.J" 對任何飛機由建做什麼年份同由機內到機外都非常熟知,係一名飛機痴‧
佢有好多Video clip show仔仔坐飛機的情况‧令阿仔好有心理準備去坐飛機了!

回家後、阿仔見我開始pack, 佢又Pack佢的嘢!見一件他的東面就放落去的luggage.... 你又否知道佢pack D 乜嘢?唉!搬屋咩!仔!

08 June 2007

1 day Sunny 1 day Heavy Rain 水災

Over the weekend it was hot and sunny, can't sleep well coz it's too hot to sleep, even I had 2 fans turned on, I still can't sleep. Boy get to play outside with light clothing, and he didn't like the hot weather either... but he enjoy being outside playing.
Two days later, weather forecast announced will rain for days.... I like rain, it's good to cool down the air, so we can get some sleep, also the lawn looks dry after few hot and sunny days, we need rain, but I didn't realized this 2 days rain cause some areas flooding, it was bad, even flood inside the Mall...... I can't believed it until I saw these pictures.