08 June 2007

1 day Sunny 1 day Heavy Rain 水災

Over the weekend it was hot and sunny, can't sleep well coz it's too hot to sleep, even I had 2 fans turned on, I still can't sleep. Boy get to play outside with light clothing, and he didn't like the hot weather either... but he enjoy being outside playing.
Two days later, weather forecast announced will rain for days.... I like rain, it's good to cool down the air, so we can get some sleep, also the lawn looks dry after few hot and sunny days, we need rain, but I didn't realized this 2 days rain cause some areas flooding, it was bad, even flood inside the Mall...... I can't believed it until I saw these pictures.


Mrs.Cheng said...


huisia said...

very unpredictable weather

May the Blogie-Talkie said...


I know, 地球暖化影響好大!