13 June 2007

餛飩 homemake wonton

Home Make WONTON 餛飩 材料 Ingredient 包 wrap 包好嶼餛飩 ready to cook餛飩清湯 clear broth wonton
餛飩Laksa湯 wonton curry laksa


irenelim said...

mjcs哇,the laksa wonton looks so yummy o..aiyo, I would to have some ler.

The picture of those flowers really nice. do you have it's original photos, I would like to have some to print out, and put on my house's wall ler. can?

May the Blogie-Talkie said...

Thanks Irene,
which one would you like,
my resolution not big, you may only print up to letter size max, or else the quality will look terrible.
sson I return to Calgary, I will mail it out..