24 June 2007

My trip to Vancouver part 2

Finally weekend is here, just take it easy....now here is some pictures to share....
(the little one)Niece's Adelyn & Mandi
We are home now, soon we reach home, we are so busy with every activities is in last day for BB, last day of school lar, Swimming lesson, Soccer game(actually one more game next Tuesday)..... we are so tired.
BB is sick yesterday (maybe too tired and playing water gun with Aunt's outside too long), vomit one time and whinning a lot, luckily he is much better today.
In the Morning, he said, "mommy, look, I am all better, why I got better so fast?"
Mom: "Because you take a lot of rest and drinking lots of water."
BB:"because I have build more white blood cell to fight the sick germ in my body right?"
He read a book mentioned why we get flu, how body system work lor..I was quite suprised to hear him mentioned this as it was quite awhile ago I read this book to him.
Mom:"yes, my boy, remember to wash your hand to avoid getting bad germ into your body again, so you can really get rid of your flu "

The trip to Vancouver was fanstatic, really enjoyed my stay there, get to see friends, god children and my family especially my Brother and nieces and nephew. My 6 days trips was short, lucky me, I am going back there in 4 weeks(hubby planed this family vacation months ago), this time will travel by car, Hubby and his sister's Miranda and family is coming along too. (looking forward but not so about the 11 hours drive lor!)This is second time we travel with his sister family to Vancouver.
Big kids now, got my nephew to post for me, so I can do this cool pictures to show off his is an adult Boy now.............BB were scare of Mandi (the dog) when we arrived Brother house, but few days later, he got use to her and love going to dog park with the cousins.

Attended Emily's (my buddy neice's) Wedding on the 16th, she is so beautiful and lovely, the wedding was so well planed and joyful. While she walk into the aisle with her uncle, I got tears in my eyes seeing this lovely young women (I know her since she just a little girl) is getting wed to a man she loves.
Emily's mom & sister


huisia said...

what a fruitful trip you had!
those photos very nice!

Mama BoK said...

Nice pictures..!!