08 November 2007


I am an avocado fruit lover, I like it especially in sushi, sandwich and Salad.
Today, I make this salad with vinaigrettes dressing (lemon, orange juice, olive oil, soya sauce and pinch of sugar) Wanna try? to E.T. this recipe do not require cooking skill, it's easy as an ABC's kah..unless U are like your sister, who hate fruitssssssss

Here goes: Vinaigrettes Sauce- half lemon juice, olive oil, soya sauce and sugar

Ingredients: 3 ripe avocados - 2 oranges

-Slice ripe 3 avocado and 2 oranges(cut the skin and white part, slice out the oranges without the centre part)

-Soak sliced avocado into half of the vinaigrettes sauce for 10 minutes.

-Arrange the marinated avocado on the plate.

-Place the slice oranges on top and pour out all vinaigrettes dressing on top.

-Serve and enjoy.今天準備一道又rich又酸而帶甜的水果沙拉做午餐,這種沙拉很簡單做,你也來試一試!*沙拉醬油--->半個檸檬的汁、橄欖油、鼓油,糖-->把這些通通攪拌
排好切一塊一塊的牛油菓碟上ノ再放上橙,倒沙拉醬油再慢慢的享受簡單但清涼可口的牛油菓、橙沙沙拉 :)



Terrick said...

Wah.. Look very nice.. seem can smell the salad from here already..! :)

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

in this case, get your GF to make it for you,, I bet she will be happy to do so....

Anonymous said...

hmm..how do you know to match avocado with orange?

looks very fresh to me, esp orange juice vinegrette...

thanks...but as you know, I dunno when I will try it in my kitchen..