10 November 2007

Tell the world about these 3 bullies. 平反!

This is unacceptable! When I read one of ET post today, I am piss off! Got to tell the world too.
3 morons bully an old man a trishaw rider, watch the video and scold them big, send them personal messages here.

Look at them! These 2 immoral assholes, ignorant brat big kids, so SICK! I feel sorry for their parent, does their children know "Respect"? What a shame they brought to their family!
They said they were Drunk when video it, but I am sure they weren't drunk when they upload the video to Youtube, where are their conscientiousness? Drunk is not an excuse for this few minutes harassments! F...!
To express their sincere apologies (their 2 apologies out on tube is not good enough to show they sincere.), go back and look for Mr.Lee in person and face to face to apology, show the world they mean it!
Watch the video, you will see what I mean.