25 November 2007

One Day I shall draw like a pro...畫出彩虹來...

You know, I draw during my leisure time, but just kept to myself, since I posted my drawing, I was surprised my illo is well like, I received many compliments and good feedback, it gives me real booster, I am more fervent to draw. Thanks to you.
A very special Thanks to Huisia, I am flatter whereby you think my drawing can cheer you up, I am very please to know it. Thank you!
I begin to practice more now and I am getting quite comfortable about my drawing, I am thinking I have a lot to improve, I am still finding my style and inner me in illustration, I need to explore and keep on practicing, because practice make perfect!
Someday, I am hoping I can draw like a real professional children art illustrator.一 向我對自已的畫感到幼稚,沒有market 價值, 沒什么大不了,但是我最愛它,在悠閒的時间,我最享受画画作樂了。不過之從我貼出一些圖畫之後,意外收到大家的好評,使我感到又驚又喜,也令我增加信心。 (嘻!喜歡就畫呀!那,該嘛我之前想那么多 ? 怕顯醜囉!失敗吧?)

我告許自己慢慢來吧!慢慢找出自己畫畫的風格,嘿! 有一天我可能可以畫出彩虹的一天!不是盼什么傑出之作,不能給自己壓力,或著給自巳一個大的標準,不可以,我是一個很lay-back的人,加上年級不小啦 (roll eye..),不可以要求過高,受不了壓力的,只希望有一天我能顯出屬於""自己獨特風格,我就滿足了........(就是沒大志 ,哈 ...........)


mama bok said...

You are way too humble May..! you are a pro..! even PB said.. you do wonderful illo..!

huisia said...

haha...i was not simply said said la, you artwork really cheer me up, so colorful, so serenity, so fairy, so..so...haha..just don't know how to describe more!

幸福妈妈 said...


MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

mama bok, Huisia and 幸福妈妈
Thank you all, I will keep it up!
So great to received all these good compliments and sure make me want to draw more.
Thank you!