24 November 2007

For a Crazy Women..

Today my illo is For a Crazy Chinese Lady in the Ang Moh Town and her little Miracle...
To whom living in East coast, I hope this will make your day better.......


mama bok said...

Yer..awesome..!!! i love it..!! but i not so pretty leh.. muahahahha!! not in town now.. using laptop.. so very hard to type alot.. will talk to you more .. on how to upload your illo ya.. :) thank you very much..!!

Anonymous said...

I also love this man...!

Come blogie, sign my autograph book.


Greenapple said...

may, i also want one.

i am signing up now. haha.

i admire your talent ... i can't draw.

huisia said...

hehe...i also want!! :)
one word, just so nice!!

maybe you can help people design blog header and earn extra...you really can draw la...

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

mama bok
Thank you, please check your email.

yer,, I did signed, but with different style, this new signature just created after your illo,

Greenapple Huisia,,
Thank you all, Hmmmmmm

ok ok lah, pls give me some time, weekday usually busy with boy and house work, and I have some half done illo to be finished, gimme time..
Huisia, I don't think there are market yet lar, my blog quite quiet one, only regular blogger visit, also I don't think I am ready for stress ler. hahaha,, see I will never get rich.