12 November 2007

My Graffiti in Facebook

二姐在生日前送了我Wacom tablet, 我很少用它呢,主要是仔仔已開始上學了,每天也真的忙的不停,有空閒時間也選擇坐一坐回回气,所以很少練習了。
不過今天我在Facebook中的 graffiti wall畫了幾幅畫練習一下,本來以為這application中只有pen和調色两種tools 吧了、這麽limited會很難畫吧!平常習慣用的applications,可有千化萬變的tools用來創作,這這個只有pen and color selection, 怎樣開始呢?
I was using the graffiti application in Facebook to draw, in this application there's only a few tools available, very limited tools as I have use to commercial drawing software, finally I drew a few pictures for friends and family in their facebook wall.
To my surprise how much I can draw with just a pen tool and color selections. It's easy and fun.. I miss drawing during my leisure time, illustration is something I enjoy to do and love doing it! I will have to make more time and spend it to practice my drawing with the Wacom tablet that my sister bought for me months ago.This one here drawn by my boy, can you see what is it? 這是仔仔的創作,你看到什麽呢?


Terrick said...

I like the 5th one.. ;)

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Terrick, 謝謝你!