27 November 2007

Special Birthday wishes to ...祝Terrick哥哥

Today is Terrick's birthday. A fine young man like a nephew to me, who also helping me organized my web pages, did you notice the tabs above? Yer, Terrick helps me to set it up, cool and neat, er! I am liking my blog so much ler! Some pages still under construction, bear with us,, will soon announce it and will have cut ribbon ceremony, then it will be open for business...... haha joking! but under construction is real !

Thanks Terrick, and Have a Happy Happy Birthday and many happy returns.
Terrrick 哥哥,我媽咪說今天是你的生日,媽咪說弄一個蛋糕送給你,祝你生日快樂,還有謝謝你帮媽咪的website弄得好整齊和漂亮呢!連爸爸也說好哩。Terrrick 哥哥,生日快樂!


mama bok said...

Happy birthday ..Terrick..!!
i need to organize my blog too.. muahhaha!! can help..??

Terrick said...

mama bok, Thank you! :)
Your site look more organized and professional than mine already, and I dun know the php languange, just simple css and html only. Haha!!!

Thanks again to auntie May and his son, Brayden!

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Yar, Mama bok, Terrick is quite talented in many way, I am glad he is here to help.

You welcome Terrick!