02 December 2007

Julia's art work. 一起來欣賞Julia's 美麗圖畫

I can't resist to show you this, this is my pal in Malaysia (who are still a Commercial work Artist) Julia's art work.(Julia drew us ---> This is me and boyboy)
We used to work together in Preston Publishing in P.J, Malaysia. She was a teacher but her passion to draw makes her quite her real job and become an artist. She is a great friend's and my senior too. Mind you, some of your Secondary school text books back in the 90th, especially Science book, most of the illustrations drawn by Julia kah! She is very detail and neat at her work! but she hate it when the supervisor hand her pile of Organs to draw.... Just because she is the one with the detail hand work,, who else in the department can do wor! Me..end up with tiny miner work lor! But those days were the best days for me.

We remain good friendship even after I've migrated to Canada with my family. Because of many reasons, I end up in different work field- Electronic- Nortel (hmm, I will talk about it later)
From time to time, I still received her unique work pictures. In the pass few year, she more in Flash animations, I admire her work her talent. I am here to show off her work. Aren't they great!
Julia是我在大馬工作(Preston Publishing Inc.) 的同事,她是一位多材多藝的人呀! 本來是一位中文老師,只因她太愛繪画了,所以丟掉書本放棄做為人師表去做Artist囉!就這樣她一直在這一行打滾多年。現在她專做Flash Animation。

我們不同時间進入Preston Publishing 工作,有緣成為了同事,Julia可是我師姐,我喜歡跟她學東西。(我雖笨不過又乖又很醒目哦、哈!所以她不嫌我煩的!。)在Preston 工作時我們部門里也只有我們倆位女生,噢!還有Supervisor也是女的 Jennifer(她也對我很好的),男同事有阿害羞Thio, Simon (都是out station guys), 有錢仔Micheal 還有..两個是..also outstation guys.唉....忘了,大都份都是Art Grade 的,只有我....沒有,所以我只是做小毛的art-work...不過做的很開心、除了怕見到打字部們的什么PamJit... Julia, 還記的那個古老十八的阿怪PamJit吧!?妳還記得她那莫樣嗎?有機会畫一畫她好嗎?

多年來我們一直有聯絡的,只有那堆男同事一個一個都很懶,通通失去聊絡了,而Julia時不時也會寄一些她 工作的的照片給我,令我很羨慕她一直在這一行做了不少出色的master pieces, 好像早之前有很多大節日,比如聖誕節呀、過年呀和等等在大商場或洒店的Display,也可能是她傑作呢!


Bobo said...

haha,May~~some amendment! i enter art college after my one year temporily teaching contract end. i'm not giving up anything to join this line, just a co-incident, after college, bad economy, join a stingy company-Preston, know u and that is.
i met a client who in publishing line told me that preston still in operation, but intead of doing school books, they switched to publish more motivation books, and the company is running by president's daughter now.

Anonymous said...

May 妹妹,我不是专做 flash animation 啦!Can not be so choosy, 会饿死!有工作找我的话,我什么都接的啦!

MamaBoK said...

Yes.. ! your friend is certainly talented.. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the second picture...Julia has a definite style of her own heh..

pleased to mmet many talented people on the net.


MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

haha, I forgot that lar,,
in this case, got job for me too?

mama bok, ET
yes, Julia have tons of talent yet to be discover, also a genuine heart, visit her site and you see what I mean.