13 November 2007

silly me, sorry me........來不及save就完了

我的天! 太過份了,我我............唉!都怪那支笔的design,不小心按到筆中的button,令我的圖畫來不及save就完了........討厭 Wacom 你的笔害了我!
Ai yarrr yar,,, I delected all my previous graffiti plus the one I just drew for my Niece's Adelyn, her favorites team-->Calgary flame............
Lucky this one managed to save before I press the button on my Wacom Pen,, I hate the back button on my Wacom pen, gotta to give feedback to the manufacturer,,,,,,poor design, cost my hard work disappeared! (my fault too,, I can make setting with the pen kah mar, just didn't get to it)


Anonymous said...

Wah ... love the second one..and those you posted in the previous post. I luuuuurve creations, especially something as basic as drawing..keep them coming please!!!

yer, you so talented leh...so envy envy..wish I have arty hands like you

I really love the second one...can lemme use as banner or not?


Terrick said...


bobo's slave said...

haha! May is a illustration artist before she migrate to Canada lar, but i also 吓一跳, u become so..so... creative, full of idea and 童真, very professional, can become a children story's illustrator loh~~ mm... may be u can write ur own story also!

love the feel of ur drawings! 有幾米作品的風格!

huisia said...

hey,may,you are really "keng", those pictures (in your previous post) so nice and pretty, i felt like reading a cartoon book. :)

Anonymous said...

oh, illustration artist ah....sorry got eye no see oh-yee-orh. means your work very valuable wor....soli I asked about using them free as banner har...hahahah..take it I never ask..


mama bok said...

You are very talented..!

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Et, 師姐Yu, terrick , Husia 請看我在這post之後的post╴我很謝謝你們給我的美言!

Mama Bok
Thank you and Thank you! Thanks for being so supportive all this time, I too think you are great writer, and wish to be able to write like you.