28 November 2007

so tired,,,累死人

This week, I am so so tired, busy with house-work, clean, cook, driving to and from swimming and school, after that have boyboy school home-work, volunteer at school, and I wanting to draw in the same time...just don't have enough time!

我好累! 一早起來,就忙忙忙,中间也有時间休息(仔仔只上三個小時幼兒班),但是不到一會兒就要開始活動.....累死人!我跟仔仔爸爸complained: "我要空间,我也要被人"服待""
他們倆連忙去做... 大的帮我洗碗(不過用dish washer)
小的說: " 媽咪做咩咁"蜢"哦 ? 不如我自己一路吃飯一路睇電視,咁你咪有時间囉!我俾你去画嘢啦!去啦!"
吓! 這樣算不算"帮輕了"???

" Above just in my imagination, if this happen while I am taking a nap, I wonder how I willlllllllllll.........RESPOND! good thing boyboy old enough to know, my sketches are not to be touch!

ET posted about her little BoaBoa crying out loud for some reason, and I like to try to imagine what she is saying. Hey, ET, is this what you meant? Didn't have time to color it,,, in my pending file........


Anonymous said...

Hey Blogie, you make me feel so bad lah... I dun mean to ask you to draw for me ...so tired already some more...

I only meant, if I had drawing skills like you, I would draw and show my readers and remember it forever that cute picture..

I'm very pai seh and gan dong now..

ok, jus to answer your qn (like, at last!)- very close..hahahahha


MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Don't feel bad, ET, like I said, I really like drawing, to practice my skills mar.. you should be proud of it ler, I still have a couple requests and I have not finished it, and when I read yours, just wanna to see if I can imagine what you saying.. 我要加油! Thanks for sharing!

huisia said...

swimming? not winter now? or indoor swimming?

those pictures very nice la..:)

shiaulin said...


mama bok said...

Poor May..! a mother's and wife's job is never ending.. !

MayY * 五月媽媽 said...

Yes, indoor swimming. Thank you, very sweet of you always come and tell me so.

hahaha,,, abit of my version lar,, ET try to comfort him with smiley face, hope to able to calm his tears.

Mama bok,
yes, very tire on weekday, a lot of driving around, somemore it's Winter now, it's cold and icy,, not enough time to do all things in a day.