31 May 2007

Free Birdhouse from Garage Sale - 免費鳥屋

This cute birdhouse I got it in Community Garage Sale for FREE from last weekend.
During Spring/Summer time, Garage sale everywhere. People will bring out their unused house ware to clothing for sale in front of yard or in the garage drive way.
Me and my buddy Irene love shopping in garage sales, (our therapy treatment.. can be low cost or can be expensive..) We can spend whole afternoon browsing the street looking for sale, looking for good deal. Sometime we get goodie, sometime just JUNK. When it's almost end of the day, some houses still have tones of items not sold yet will have a FREE sign out for you to take, that is how I got this birdhouse Free. BoyBoy also got some free toys or good deal toys too.
I started to teach my son looks for quality and good deal! Hey! never too early to teach them managing money orr.. but he still have no clue.....

More flower pictures..
Dandelion all over the Lawn, Field and along the road , it a troublesome weed, it looks pretty when it flowers, it look terrible when it turn into white weed and dispersing all over, this happen all summer.
Lilac is blossom now, found only one color in the park, will have to hunt for other colors later...........紫丁香季節.


huisia said...

Woo..you're very superb..those pictures are so nice, you know...

Allyfeel said...

The bird house is cool ler. ;) I find Dandelion very nostalgic, even when they are flying. THey are so pretty.

I love those garage sale as well. I myself has given up free stuff also last time when I was in Australia. ;)

1+2mom said...

The bird house is so cute ler.
YOu are so great, the pic were so nice. The Dandelion remind me the "Ice Age" movie..haha.

Jesslyn said...

Nice! Nice! Nice!
Great photograhper!!!

terrick said...

Sorry for late reply, I was on the vacation.
HDR stand for High Dynamic Range
For more information u can go to here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDRI

Mrs.Cheng said...

very cute

May the Blogie-Talkie said...

HuiSia, Sylvia jesslyn, Mrs.Cheng

yar, the part 1 with funny creatures fighting the Dandelion for food is quite funny..

When you see it everyday, you will get fed up lar, but isn't it same with life??

Got it, Thanks!