10 May 2007

Nicky boy,, my boy play pal

This is Nicky, a looking boy(one of my girlfriend's son), my boy loves to play with Nicky.
When they play, they talk, talk, talk. I mean non-stop talking to each other. Discussing about how to play,what to play, about their favourites toy cars to whatever, they just can't stop talking.
I remembered the last time they play together was weeks ago, we the parent had Dim Sum for lunch and I drove both of them home , Nicky's parent warned me about Nicky talking habit, he may drive me nuts. I said we will see. Get in the car, they start their conversation about what to play. Somehow, my boy is talkactive too, they both spent about 8 hours playing together, and non-stop talking for 8 hours.......... I wonder their mouth gets sore..两個開心菓
亂講開心講又唔駛think.. 鐘意講乜就講乜囉!童真嗎!
果日佢吔就講足八个鐘又唔停咁玩... 而我耳仔就聽足足八个鐘、Nicky阿媽話佢阿仔好烦講唔停、不過我又幾享受哦!


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